The smallest of angels

The smallest of angels took her rest,

laying her head upon my chest.

She listened to my breathing,

out and then in,

and at my quickening heart beat,

she raised her chin.

She spoke then so quietly,

that I could hardly hear,

but the smile in her eyes

had lessened my fear.

Then closing her wings around me so tight,

the angels embrace had bid me goodnight.

The smallest of worries had left me once more,

the smallest of angels,

had flown out the door.

carry home an angel

Of all the angels that came on that day,

only one was invited to stay.

Wings full and fluttering,

making sweet humming bird sounds,

and pale dainty feet sprung her forth from the ground.

"why me?" she said in the thinnest of voices,

and all around her responded in the thickest of rejoices.

Her face turned to look downward as if lit by the moon,

and all beings looked up in admiration and applauded her syllable tune.

Hair like sunset,

a velvet cloak unraveling to hit the ground,

covering and coating anything and everything it found.

The gasps from below her were startling,

her fingers in fear splayed out behind her head,

she was feeling a little weakened,

like the ill fed.

Her palms adorned with jewels that filled the night skies,

sparkled and gleamed with the tears that ran from her cries.

"Fear not our Angel" they said seeing her mostly confused,

" we will tell you why of all like you, we would feel the need to choose."

"We are plentiful on natures wonders and finery,

but not all have noticed her yet.  You have shown us her path, lest we should forget."

And  face to face she was warmed within natures glow,

and understood her place here, to lift up the blanket of snow.

The Healing

Hot on the heels of an epiphany,

led the way to a dressing down you see.

Providing the sun on  the plate of the moon,

and hovering over it gently we did swoon.

Swollen with greed on the swellings of the tide,

we swallowed wholly and with pride.

Turning now to face all but one,

the creator of this journey on which we were flung.

He’s sat upon his laurels now,

wiped the exhalation from his brow.

Then smiling through a courageous storm,

on which to gather his thoughts upon.

Sailing out in to the evening sun,

again his life has become the re-run.


And on this face I wear a dress,

and in the house I am all of a mess.

I’ll skimp past the cooker to set me on fire at best,

Happiness a forgery and un welcomed guest.

Feel the burns at the souls of the feet,

Feel it now as a tasty treat.

As flames scutter through wayward halls,

to the wisps of winter and to the wind it calls.

But all who are out not longer hear,

they swallow hard and disappear.

Another set  of nails that scrape at the soil,

whoa betide all who plant  in turmoil.

Heart felt

It’s funny, how did you become last not first,

with heart pounding in its chest and fit to burst.

And crying out with an insatiable thirst,

circulating the blood of its worst.

As it cries bitterly in the blink of an eye,

a moral soldier,

the repetitive spy.

Blue Beard

Porksley pig had nothing he could do. His pinkish skin had turned to indigo blue. It had happened one night while he was asleep and turning in a dream, while sloshing around in a vat of whipped cream.  He had munched his way through some blueberries on the table of the kitchen of farmer Smith, their heavenly aroma had sent him adrift.

  Trotting in came one small and excited bluebeard, all the other pigs didn’t recognize him, " an alien he is!" they feared.  Then in a panic he had woken up from the chants of "alien pig" making him feel rather small not big.

Porksley had found his dream had been real, they voted him out with no appeal.   So off he trotted without a friend, his time at Smiths farm had come to a bitter end.  He traveled lightly just sunglasses and hat, up the hills and on the flat.

When suddenly he came to a stop in a rather vast field, of lavenders blue,  his fate has been revealed.

" Camouflage," he said out loud, " I could blend in here, may be make lavender honey and beer,"

He wouldn’t be short of a few bob, he would not be your usually piggy slob.

He found a sign post that read, " Butterbea farm," it had been decorated with bees and lavenders, it had its charm.  So this delicate pig with incredible seasoning, had found a life with a lot of reasoning. He had come across his destiny in the shade of blue, to provide a sustainable service with a beautiful view.

Monkey Magic

The little monkey wound down his tail,

to a lowly mouse looking as solemn as a snail.

"Why," said the monkey, " do you look so upset,"

Said the mouse, " with a local jaguar I’ve placed a bet. He has organized a race for us in pear tree jungle mall, he had said size didn’t matter even though being a mouse I am  kind of small."

Said monkey," well that was a silly challenge don’t you think, a jaguar can run a race as fast as you can blink."

So monkey came up with a ridiculous plan, the mouse could win the race in a frying pan.

The monkey with pan held tightly in his tail, could catapult the mouse, he was sure not to fail.

" Hang on a minute," said mouse, " isn’t that cheating?" his heart in his chest wildly beating.

" Now don’t get excited, " said monkey, " its only a suggestion, for you mouse I have a serious question."

Mouse looked calmer and put up his ears, the monkey could ruin his chances but could eliminate all his fears.

" They won’t notice me mouse, Ill have us camouflaged behind some bushes. Then up, up in this frying pan you’ll go, with just a couple of pushes.

Are you in little mouse or are you out?" The monkey by now was starting to shout.

"I’ll expect half the winnings mouse, we are a team in this," and the monkey looked hard at him shaking a fist.

"Ok," said mouse, starting to tremble and for the race they did assemble.

Hidden behind the bush jaguar called out, " where art thou mouse, all I can see at the starting line is this here woodlouse!

" I’m very small," cried mouse, " but I’m just over here,"

Luckily jaguar wasn’t paying much attention as a honoring crowd had begun to appear

Then the starting pistol broke the crowds noise and jaguar began to run with poise. Little mouse catapulted by the monkey landed at the finish line in one, jaguar was dumbfounded, for the race had only just begun.

But none the less, jaguar felt defeated and of the winnings he was depleted.

Cheers and surprise arouse in the crowd. Hip Hip Horray! shouted a  dangling monkey swinging in quite proud.

Mouse was crowned fasted in the mall jungle, and with his tail he began to fumble.  He felt so guilty, he needed to tell the truth, he had always been a very honest even in his youth.

Jaguar wasn’t best pleased, but he did understand. He was tired anyway of being fastest in the land.

"Keep the winnings my friend and keep the truth between us, don’t let the jungle gossips make a fuss."

Mouse and jaguar became the best of friends, their little wager had become a means to an ends.

Pea Soup

The pea sat in its pod, all perfect in gleaming coat of green.  It hadn’t wished to come out, it lay quiet and serene.

The world protested from above, beyond and below.  The pea had little to do with it, wrapped in its neat little row.

Then one day a yellow haired child, skipping along through an endless field, noticed some shiny green things, pods of perfect yield.

The pea was kind of nervous as she came around, she grabbed the pod and popped it, she had always loved that sound.

The pea looked out over an pinkish small hand feeling quite dizzy, being rolled too and fro.

The pea now scared of the world off little that he did know.

He had heard all the talk of processing factories, being buttered on a dinner plate and occasionally tossed around on top of cheese that they would grate.

The pea looked up into the child’s eyes, a glowing green like him, she had a summer dress with pockets of which she put him in..

He felt quite warm and cozy again as she carried him around, then out she took him to play catch, until he toppled to the ground.

Rolling now through earth and grass until once again he was still, without a pod to ward off the bitter chill.

 With the darkness around he tried not to make a sound, as he listened to the crickets shrill he hoped he would not be found.

The pea looked up at heavenly stars, he had waved at them unnoticed by passing cars.

He felt that he had not much time to live, but his tough outer coat and his inner mushiness had a lot yet to give.

The night passed quickly the morning bright and warm, the pea was still camouflaged in the depths of a lawn.

The little girls came back she spoke to the day, " I’ve found my lost pea," and with that she took him to play.

Ant That Grand

Once upon at time, there was an ant, who carried on his back a rather large plant. And back at his  busy ants nest, he made the plant into a cool vest.

He had dreams of designing the latest ant fashions, for natural clothing, he had his passions.

" Nature," he would say,"will always provide, something marvelous for the body out and inside."

With this proclamation, he assembled his team, who of course wee enthusiastic, very tall and lean.

The fashion show of all shows took place that day. Grass skirts, leafy tops, muddy boots and hats of clay.

Finally a leafy creation ended the show, complete with water feature jacket, don’t you know.

The ants all cheered, he had done so well. Until his best friend and model Twiggy upon her face she fell. The water feature jacket had been too runny, not ants fault of course, for he had run out of money.

" High fashion," he said, " takes a good source of income." " After all I only had a few items to trade, a few crumbs and currant bun."

" All of my materials were exchanged for these, so don’t judge my last creation too harshly please."